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2013 Duval County Fatality Review Report Statistics

The Duval County Fatality Review team studies each domestic violence homicide and issues a report each year.  The 2013 report covers all domestic violence homicides in Duval County from 1997 through 2012.  Below are some highlights from that report:

– The report covers all 167 domestic violence homicide cases in Duval County from 1997 through 2012; 126 of these cases involved intimate partners.

– There were 182 homicides and 137 (76%) of these involved intimate partners.

– Males killed females in 74% of the intimate cases.

– Males killed other family members in 85% of the non-intimate cases.

– All of the multiple homicides were committed by males.

– 53% of victims and 51% of suspects were white and 43% of victims and 46% of suspects were black.   3% of victims and 2% of suspects were Asian and 1% of victims and suspects were Hispanic.

– 72% of the intimate violence suspects had no prior domestic violence arrests.

– In 25% of the cases children were present at the time of the homicide.

– In 35% of the cases the suspect had substance abuse arrests and in only 14% of the cases did  the suspect have documented mental health issues


These statistics clearly show that domestic violence is far more deadly for women than for men and points out the importance of men getting involved in the movement to end domestic violence.